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The Department of Corrections shall be headed by a Director who shall be responsible to the County Executive for the administration, supervision and operation of the Northampton County Prison. The Director of Corrections shall be an exempt cabinet-level position directly responsible to the County Executive. The specific nature of the duties of the Direcor of Corrections in coordinating the administration of all such functions at the Northampton County Prison shall be detrmined by the County Executive.


PersonPositionPhone NumberEmail
Daniel KeenDirector of Corrections610-923-4300Dkeen@northamptoncounty.org
Todd BuskirkWarden610-923-4433tbuskirk@northamptoncounty.org
David PenchishenDeputy Warden of Operations610-923-4490dpenchishen@northamptoncounty.org
James C. KosturaDeputy Warden, Community Corrections610-923-4410Jkostura@northamptoncounty.org
Joseph KospiahDeputy Warden, Classification610-923-4338jkospiah@northamptoncounty.org
Stan MargleLegal Division Solicitor610-559-3184smargle@northamptoncounty.org

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